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Software For Optimist Club Secretary-Treasurer

Current version is 5.10.00

Overview Demo (16.5 min)

Member Data Demo (17.4 min)

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  • One time data entry, i.e., data is entered for a member once and is then available for display/printing, etc. from any place in the program.
  • Club Roster Adjustment (CRA) automatically prints information based on user entries to Member and Officer data maintenance screens.
  • Extensive financial record keeping using the OI standard chart of accounts.
  • As soon as the September 30 bank statement is reconciled, you're ready to print year end reports!
  • Print member billing statements ready for insertion in a window envelope.
  • Print Cash Receipts and Disbursements Statement as of any date during the current Optimist year.
  • Attendance recording and reporting.
  • Extensive use of pick lists saves many keystrokes during data entry and/or selection of data to be displayed/printed.
  • Export data to several different formats for use with other programs such as spreadsheets and word processors.
  • Many Awards, Financial, Membership and Officer reports available in various formats.
  • Record notes and club history information.
  • Maintain record of past office holders.


    • IBM Compatible Personal Computer
    • Windows 95 or later, including Windows 7
    • Minimum 32 MB RAM.
    • Windows Compatible Printer
    • 30 MB Disk Space

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